Experience with long-term master planning

DDP has worked with many school districts in developing build-out estimates of district-wide student population. This process can be crucial for the growing school district attempting to address its long-term facilities needs. The Build-out study is complimentary to DDP’s existing 7-year student projections, and is integral to any district’s master planning process. Build-out studies by DDP have been incorporated at many school districts into an overall Facilities Master Plan, usually in close cooperation with the school district’s Architectural Firm. Districts ranging in enrollment from 1,000 students to over 80,000 students have utilized DDP’s Build-Out expertise for not only assessing future facilities needs, but also assisting with ideal facilities location based upon population residency, as well as the timing of opening new school facilities. DDP has been in existence long enough to see many of it's long-range planning recommendations come to fruition in a variety of school districts.