Consulting Services

Davis Demographics & Planning provides demographic, facility and Master Planning consulting services exclusively to public K-12 school districts. Our long-range demographic planning and growth management for school facility programs give districts what they need to make accurate and informed decisions in an ever changing economic climate. Accurate information leads to better policy and planning decisions. Better decisions equal efficiencies and cost savings as well as better community relations. Below is a list of the types of services, studies and products DDP provides along with custom services to meet the districts specific requirements.

  • Comprehensive Master Planning Studies Long-range demographic planning for determining:
    • future build-out facility requirements and site locations
    • attendance boundary analysis and configuration
    • Implementation and timing of future facility needs.
  • Long-Range Enrollment Projections• Future Enrollment Projections: Prepared for various grade configurations and any geographic area...
    • Build-out or maturation projections: Based upon current housing inventory, proposed subdivision units...
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  • Mapping Products• Maps of any content, level or detail, size or scale..
    • Mylar Overlay Maps: transparent maps
    • District Base Maps
    • Aerial Photographs: available in various sizes.
    • District Defined Maps: custom shaded thematic maps...
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    • Reports and Statistics• Open Enrollment Impact Reports
      • Student Generation Studies
      • Residential Development Activity Reports
      • Housing Count and Property Owner Lists
      • Census Data and Other Demographic Forecasts
      • Street Name and Address Directories
      • Specialized Re-Districting Studies
      • Attendance Boundary Simulation
      • Mailing Lists and Surveys
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  • Transportation Studies• Transportation eligibility studies based upon walk distances.
    • Lists of transportation eligible students or streets which fall within the eligibility zone.
    • Student address-to-school assignment lists and reports