The SchoolSite™ Planning Suite for ArcGIS® is a GIS application for school districts. SchoolSite can assist in finding answers to the many difficult planning questions facing your school district, and to visually present the results in an easily understood way. The Planning Suite consists of two extensions to ArcGIS, the Enrollment Forecasting and Redistricting Extensions.

Using ArcGIS and SchoolSite for K-12 Forecasting, Boundary Planning and Demographic Reporting

Pull up a chair and view a comprehensive demonstration of how school districts can utilize GIS from two-time Esri Partner of the Year, Davis Demographics & Planning. This recorded one hour webinar illustrates the basic mapping and analysis capabilities of ArcGIS as well as the comprehensive planning features of the SchoolSite extensions for ArcGIS. School districts throughout the U.S. have enhanced ArcGIS with the additional functions of SchoolSite which is designed to integrate sophisticated enrollment forecasting with comprehensive attendance boundary analysis. In addition, learn how boundary planning using SchoolSite can draw on additional population reports generated from Esri’s Community Analyst Online data.

SchoolSite Enrollment Forecasting Extension

The Enrollment Forecasting Extension provides a user friendly wizard - based method to predict future student enrollment. SchoolSite software is specifically designed for school district demographic planning tasks and is based upon the use of individual planning, or “Study” areas which are small geographic areas similar to a neighborhood. With the Enrollment Forecasting Extension you can: Locate potential future school sites Determine future school capacity requirements Analyze future school attendance boundaries and More!...

Key Functions Added to ArcGIS
  • Create an unlimited set of projection scenarios based upon various factors (birth data, historical enrollment, future development, etc.)
  • Update of projection variables through a spreadsheet like interface.
  • 3, 5, 7, or 10 year projection by grade level along with optional "build-out"/maturation projections for Long Range planning.
  • Projections and reports are created by Study Area, existing attendance zones, user-defined sub-districts, or district wide.
  • Projections summarized by any grade configuration (K-5, K-6, 7-8, 6-8, etc.)
  • Dynamically display enrollment projections in ArcGIS through color shading and map labeling.
  • Enrollment projections are automatically linked to the Redistricting Extension
SchoolSite Redistricting Extension

The SchoolSite Redistricting Extension provides a user friendly wizard - based method to modify or create new school attendance boundaries and provide a variety of student demographic reports. Using a Study/Planning map layer of the District, alternative school boundary plans can initially be developed using one of two methods: Based upon closest school or Existing attendance boundaries.

Study Areas can then be individually reassigned to other school locations to balance enrollment and site capacities. Additional sites can be added simulating the opening of a new school or surplus sites can be deleted simulating closing a school. As boundaries are modified, classroom requirements by grade level to house enrollment at each site is reported so that the user can immediately see the effects on facility needs with each plan. Classroom loading standards for each grade level can be modified. The effect of class size reduction at various grade levels has never been easier!

Key Functions Added to ArcGIS
  • Develop attendance boundary plans through assignment of user-defined Study Areas.
  • Save an unlimited number of plans.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities including statistics, such as counts and percentages of students by grade level, special programs, school of enrollment or other data fields (complete flexibility in loading and using student data).
  • Create a variety of maps for presentation use.
  • Classroom needs at each site are automatically updated with each change in boundary plan based upon facility/classroom counts at sites along with user-defined classroom loading standards
  • Street Directory Reports with address ranges and schools of assignment.
  • Develop attendance boundaries & determine timing & location of new sites based upon projected students. (Requires the SchoolSite Projection Extension)
“I have used several different programs for campus attendance zones and student growth projections. SchoolSite is the best product I have used. It is very complete and the technical support is outstanding.”
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