SchoolSite™ also has tools for the web...SchoolSite Online and SchoolSite Locator. Both of these easy-to-use web based tools require no software installation, very little training and are available for use in the office, at home or on the road.

SchoolSite Online
Using the latest ArcGIS server and web services technology, school district administrators can now access maps, aerial photography, geocode and map student information, develop numerous student and ESRI Data population reports, and analyze an unlimited number of attendance boundary scenarios…all through the ease and comfort of a web browser. SchoolSite Valuable data and information is accessible anywhere and at anytime. Click here to read more.
SchoolSite Locator
SchoolSite Locator saves staff time and money avoiding the hundreds of telephone calls and questions dealing with student home to school assignments. SchoolSite Locator utilizes ESRI ArcGIS Online mapping, imagery and geocoding web services combined with locally hosted attendance boundary maps and school information packaged into a simple web application and hosted by DDP. Parents, staff, realtors, and others have immediate access to boundary and street maps, imagery and the ability to quickly enter addresses for school assignments. Click here to read more.